‘The Oasis’ is a dedicated Resource Provision at Beeston Hill St Luke’s Primary School. The Oasis provides support and education for 10 pupils who present complex communication and learning difficulties. The curriculum has been designed to meet the needs of primary aged children who will require a significantly differentiated curriculum.

It is the school’s vision that pupils attending the base will be a part of a thriving school community whilst receiving specialist support. We aim to enable each child to reach their full potential through the learning opportunities provided. We want our children to have an ‘I can do’ attitude, to feel safe, secure, have clear aspirations, feel supported and experience success.

The whole environment has been designed with the needs of children with Autism in mind. Its aim is to provide a calm, low arousal environment created by muted and neutral colours and specialised lighting. The blinds can be adjusted at all windows.

The interior surfaces such as windows, doors and ceilings have been designed to provide good acoustics and sound insulation from noise upstairs and outside. All doors leading to and from the classroom will be electronically secure with raised handles for child safety. The classroom leads to a small outside area which is secured by a fence and electronic gates.