We are here to support all our families and please feel free to contact the school if you need help. School is able to provide support with parenting, attendance, behaviour at home, understanding your child’s learning or completing application forms (e.g. high school application, benefit applications, immigration concerns etc). Please speak to Mrs Booth, Miss Lane, Mrs Scadden, Mrs Tetley or any member of the team if you need help.

We have included useful information and links below:

Do you need help with money problems or debt?

Do you need help with alcohol or drugs addiction?

Are you suffering from domestic violence or abuse?

Do you need support with your child’s behaviour?

Mrs Tetley is able to offer support with home behaviour, including out of hours support if necessary – 0113 243 3375 or email office@bsl.leeds.sch.uk

Your GP may also be able to offer advice or support via the NHS website.

Should I leave my child home alone?